Dublin is like Liverpool in so many ways and the natives enjoy a shared history that goes
back generations. So to have an Irish pub named after the famous river that snakes through
Dublin (The Liffey) in Liverpool makes perfect sense.

The pub is painted green just to make sure you're aware of its Irish connections. It is also a
real old timer with frosted windows, an entrance room made of wood and glass, wooden
barrels as tables, nice lampshades and pretty old chairs. Don't expect everything to be in
mint condition. The upholstery is worn and the once pretty details have faded with time.
The Liffey is not likely to turn into a fancy cocktail bar anytime soon and it is what it has
always been which is a comfortable Irish pub full of atmosphere,plus the best Irish Music in

The Liffey
51 Renshaw Street, City Centre,

Liverpool Irish pub

Liverpool's real Irish pub